Basseterre: St. Kitts, Monday, July 03, 2023: “Wow pink” lit up the streets of Basseterre on Friday June 30 as stakeholders, children, supporters, teachers and well-wishers congregated to commemorate the end of the Child Month in grand parade style. The month-long celebration commenced on Thursday June 01 under the theme; Empowering our Children through STEAM Education.

Commenting on the excitement of the day Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley expressed his elation

“I am indeed excited as usual. The country always looks forward to this march held on the last Friday in June as we celebrate our children. I am very pleased with the turnout but even so more satisfied with the costumes on display that really portrays the theme for this year, highlighting STEAM Education.

Considering the benefits of early exposure to STEAM education, Dr. Hanley elucidated, “It is indeed very important and very timely as well because as we move ahead these are the areas [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics] that are taking over the world. The earlier we get our children involved and exposed to them, the more impact they will be able to make not only in this Federation but which ever part of the world they might end up.”

Chief Education Officer Mr. Francil Morris expressed commendations to the Early Childhood Development Unit for advocating for STEAM Education

“I would like to commend the Early Childhood Development Unit for promoting STEAM Education because on an international and global stage this is what education is pushing and it all aligns with what we in the Ministry of Education want to see. Commendations to the Early Childhood Development Unit! I would like to express thanks to the parents, the teachers and all those who would have come out to show their support for the children.”

Providing a review of the parade and the theme, Mrs. Kimone Archibald- Lake representative of the Private Educators Association stated “It seems as though it [the march] is vibrant and it is well attended this year for sure. STEAM Education embodies the holistic development of the children because you will find every element of development is in each area; Science embodies Technology; it embodies Engineering, Arts, and Maths; so

everything all comes together in order for us to be able to reach these children and help to make sure that they have their full development and meet the needs that are required developmentally.”

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