Ministry Central OfficeHon. Dr. Geoffrey HanleyMinister of Education,(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMrs. Lisa PistanaPermanent Secretary Ministry of Education(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeDr. Tricia EsdailleSenior Assistant Secretary(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMr. Melvon BassueSenior Assistant Secretary/ Finance Officer(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMrs. Dyan DecostaPersonal Assistant to P S(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMiss Kianna FrancisPersonal Assistant to Minister(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMs Stacy GumbsPersonnel Officer(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMs. Clovis Rogers Executive Officer(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMs. Carana ArchibaldSenior Clerk(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMrs. Coretta WoodleyClerk(869) 467
Ministry Central OfficeMr. Careem HendricksonMessenger(869) 467
Ed Media UnitMrs. Maria CrawfordDirector- Education Media Unit(869) 467
Ed Media UnitMr. Jason ConnorMedia Technician(869) 467
Ed Media UnitMs. Clair OttleyMedia Officer(869) 467
Ed Media UnitMr. Craig Mc DowellAssistant Media Officer(869) 467 2409craig
Ed Media UnitMr. Glenn NisbettCustoms Clearance clerk - Assistant Media Officer(869) 467
SELFMs. Janice Daniel Coordinator(869) 467
SELFMiss Andorosie BatticeAssistant (869) 467
Project & Building Management UnitMs. Melva WaltersProject Engineer (Ag)(869) 467
Project & Building Management UnitMr. Calvin MartinProject Officer(869) 467
Project & Building Management UnitMr. Mikhail IsaacProject Officer(869) 467
Ministry of Education Hon. U. Troy Liburd Junior Minister of Educationtroy.liburd@niagov.com469-5521 ext 6680
Ministry of EducationMrs. Julie Archibald-SmithenExecutive Officer julie.archibaldsmithen@niagov.com469-5521 ext 6681
Ministry of EducationMr. Kevin BarrettPermanent Secretary kevin.barrett@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5089
Ministry of EducationMrs. Cythina Broadbelt Administrative Officercynthia.broadbelt@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5083
Ministry of EducationMs. Trisha GriffinAdministrative Assistant trisha.griffin@niagov.com469-5521 ext 6683
Ministry of EducationMs. Nicolle ElliottClerknicolle.elliott@niagov.com469-5521 ext 6682
Ministry of EducationMr. Dorson OttleyT.V.E.T Officerdorson.ottley@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5098
Ministry of EducationMs. Isabel ByronUWI CoordinatorIsabel.byron@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5094
Ministry of EducationDwight WallaceUWI System Technician469-5521 ext 5094
Department of EducationMs. Zahnela ClaxtonPrincipal Education Officerzahnela.claxton@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5081
Department of EducationMrs. Terres DoreEducation Officerterres.dore@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5092
Department of EducationMs. Atahlia JeffersEducation Officer atahlia.jeffers@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5096
Department of EducationMrs. Avril ElliottLanguage Coordinatoravril.elliott@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5096
Department of EducationMr. Shefton LiburdEducation Officer shefton.liburd@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5091
Department of EducationMs. Londa BrownEducation Officer londa.brown@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5095
Department of EducationMs. Latoya JeffersEducation Officerlatoya.jeffers@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMr. John WilliamsMathematics Coordinatorjohn.williams@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMs. Renee AnthonyELP/Readingrenee.anthony@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5092
Department of EducationMrs. Julie PembertonELP/Readingjulie.pemberton@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5092
Department of EducationMrs. Terenz WarnerDocumentation and Communications Officerterenz.wallace.warner@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5087
Department of EducationMrs. Tamicia LestradeAdministrative Officertamicia.lestrade@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5087
Department of EducationMrs. Thelma MillsAdministrative Officerthelma.mills@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5084
Department of EducationShazere HanleyClerkshazere.hanley@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMrs. Renell DanielSchools Meals Coordinatorrenell.daniel@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5082
Department of EducationMs. Pearl Paris Accounts ext 5082
Department of EducationMr. Laurence RichardsSchools Safety, IT, and Projects Coordinatorlaurence.richards@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5090
Department of EducationMs. Delecia FrenchCXC Examinations Officerdelecia.french@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5085
Department of EducationMr. Jermaine CainesPrimary Schools ITJermaine.caines@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMr. Jomo SmithenSecondary Schools ITjomo.smithen@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMr. Jarron Hamilton Bus Driver/Office Assistantjarron.hamilton@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5080
Department of EducationMs. Tyra ClaxtonOffice Assistant 469-5521 ext 5080
Early ChildhoodMrs. Florence SmithenEarly Childhood Education Officer florence.smithen@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5093
Early ChildhoodMrs. Brenda Smithen-WilliamsHome-based nurseries 469-5521 ext 5093
Early ChildhoodMrs. Dawny LannsEarly Childhood Coordinator dawnny.lanns@niagov.com469-5521 ext 5088
Ed Services DivisionMr. Francil MorrisChief Education Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMr. Roger WoodleyDeputy Chief Education Officer (Ag)(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Jean HunkinsSenior Clerk(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Janelle William JacobsEducation Officer(869) 467 1484janelle
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Carol BoddieEducation Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMr. John GumbsEducation Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMr. Boris ConnorEducation Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Angela MatthewEducation Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Charmaine BlanchetteEducation Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Nicole Warde MorrisCoordinator, Learning Support(869) 467 1408nicole
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Michele JacobsStudent Support Services Officer(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Allison AudainCoordinator, ELP -Student Support
Ed Services DivisionMrs. Juanelle DeSilvaCoordinator, ELP -Student Support Services(869) 467
Education ServicesMrs. Trisha FrancisExecutive Director Accreditation Board(869) 467
Ed Services DivisionMr. Tee Jay WhittakerSchool Attendance
Ed Services DivisionMr. Rueben MulrainSchool Bus
Exams-Ed Services DivisionMr. Solomon ClaxtonNational Examinations Registrar (869)
Exams-Ed Services DivisionMs. Jackie FlemmingNational Examinations Registrar (Ag)(869) 467
Ed Planning DivisionMrs. Carla DiamondChief of Education Planning(869) 467
Ed Planning DivisionMr. Quinton MortonDirector - Education Planning(869)
Ed Planning DivisionMrs. Shauna BenjaminExecutive Officer(869) 467-1325/
Ed Planning DivisionMs. Latoya BedfordOffice Assistant(869) 467
CDU,TRc, Ed Planning DivisionMrs Amanda EdmeadDirector CDU,TRC(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMrs. Jacquelyn BassueCoordinator – Reading(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMr. Dinesan DeepakCoordinator - IT(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMs. Adina RichardsCoordinator – Social Studies(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMs. Kenesha FosterCoordinator – Science and Technology(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMr. Wilbert BlackettMathematic Cordinator(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMr Julian BradshawSocial Studies Coordinator869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMs Aurella ThomasClerk/Secretary(869) 467
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMs. Verneen RawlinsClerk/Secretary(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMr. Christopher HerbertDirector EMIS(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMr. Sanjay CainesIT Maintenance Technician(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMiss Nichole PedreauxClerk/Secretary(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMr. Kertist PettyIT Maintenance Technician(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMs Wanda PittWebite Administrator(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMs Treasa WyattAdministrative Officer(869) 467
EMIS, Ed Planning DivisionMr Jafric RhynerAdministrative Officer(869) 467
TRC, Ed Planning DivisionMs Ruth BedfordCoordinator – Teacher Resource(869) 467
TRC, Ed Planning DivisionMs Leah LiburdClerk(869) 467
Ed Planning DivisionMs Charmaine FlemmingCleaner(869) 467-1325
CDU, Ed Planning DivisionMrs Jonace Hall-Herbert Language Arts Coordinator(869) 467 1458
TRC, Ed Planning DivisionLaurel BurroughsClerk (869) 467
TVETMs Samantha BloiceClerk - TVET(869) 467
TVETMrs. Jacqueline FlemmingResearch Officer TVET(869) 467
TVETMr. Kertney ThompsonCEO TVET(869) 467 1106
TVETMr. Paul LloydProject Coordinator –
Early Childhood EdMs. Kimona BrowneDirector Early Childhood(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMs Andrea LiddieResource Teacher(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMs Nadine NattaResource Officer(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMs Julianna PowellResource Teacher(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMs Yasmain PowellResource Officer(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMrs. Gezel Dasent-PowellResource Teacher(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMrs Victorine HanleySenior Clerk((869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMs Shermel CumberbatchClerk(869) 465 2369/466
Early Childhood EdMr Shanroy SuttonMessenger(869) 465 2369/466 2810
Early Childhood EdMs Deslyn HobsonCleaner(869) 465 2369/466 2810
SchoolsPrincipalsDeputy PrincipalsTelephone NumberEmail Address
Basseterre HighMr. Damian BacchusMr. John Samuel & Mr. Dalton Esdaille1 869 465 2004 /
1869 465 2096
Cayon HighMr. Maurice BenjaminMr. Gavin Blake1 869 465
Charles E Mills SecondaryMrs. Eisha Williams JacksonMr. Kelvis Alford1 869 465
Saddlers SecondaryMrs. Julia Byron IsaacMr. Adolphus Jones1 869 465
Verchilds HighMr. Meguel ThomasMrs. Jennifer Pierre Belle1 869 465
Washington Archibald HighMrs. Joanne SargeantMs. Avonelle Martin1 869 465
Cotton Thomas ComprehensiveMr. Sylvester Dore1 869 466
SchoolsPrincipalsDeputy PrincipalsTelephone NumberEmail Address
Beach Allen PrimaryMrs. Jamillah Bristol BrowneMs. Princess Nyoka Adams1 869 465
Bronte-Welsh PrimaryMrs. Darneisha WilliamsMs. Keisha Pemberton1 869 465
Cayon Primary SchoolMr. Javan CannonierMs. Sycely Liburd1 869 465
Deane-Glasford PrimaryMs. Sherima CollinsMs. Shelana Barzey1 869 465
Dieppe Bay PrimaryMrs. Sharine HodgeMs. Ulukia Bryan1 869 465
Dr. William ConnorMrs. Jean Nisbett- BoddieMrs. Tamesha Sutton1 869 465
Edgar T. Morris PrimaryMr. Dale Phipps1 869 465
Estridge PrimaryMs. Mercia Dore1 869 465
Irish Town PrimaryMrs. Avonelle Carey FraitesMs. Beverly Alford1 869 465
Joshua Obadiah Williams PrimaryMrs. Suzette CannonierMs. Micayan Smith1 869 465
Newton Ground PrimaryMrs. Michelle Rochester-WoodleMs. Andrea Rawlins1 869 465
Saddlers PrimaryMrs. Kira Mason RawlinsMs. Claristine Simmonds1 869 465
Sandy Point PrimaryMrs. Sacher Warner-LeaderMr. Ervin Lawrence1 869 465
St. Pauls PrimaryMrs. Joyce Rawlins-BuchananMs. Hilma Mills1 869 465
Tucker-Clarke PrimaryMr. Devon HarrisMs. Oretho Mitcham1 869 465
Tyrrell-Williams PrimaryMrs. Samantha SamuelMs. Thuvia Browne 1 869 466
Violet Petty Primary SchoolMs. Kathuel BrowneMs. Patrice O'Loughlin1 869 465
Cayon Day CareCayonCanecia Caesar-Warner465-6806664-2363 (S)
Challengers Day CareChallengersKatia Francis465-3265661-8569
Dieppe Bay Day CareDieppe BayAlechia Herbert465-7102
Industrial Site Day CareIndustrial SiteIeacher Bryan -Bass465-5042669-5009
McKnight Day CareLock Hart StreetKatrina Seaton465-8792667-1850 (K)
Newton Ground Day CareNewton GroundNadia Caines- Brudy466-1512669-6024/764-4012
Newtown NurseryJohnson StreetStephanie Foster465-1798
Old Road Day CareOld RoadTravia Tyson465-5273669-4714
Saddlers NurserySaddlers VillageLynda Halley466-6040667-9189
Sandy Point NurserySandy PointIcilma Williams465-5045668-5772
Sandy Point PreschoolSandy PointSharmane Pyke465-7401
St Paul’s Day CareSt Paul’sJoyce Procter-Burke465-7298
St Peter’s Day Care Parray Village, St PetersDiana John466-6583660-5947
Tabernacle Day CareTabernacle VillageKimmoy Charles465-3305661-3779
Victoria Road PreschoolVictoria RoadIcilma Knight465-9669669-6865
Angels Nursery VerchildsGillian Stapleton466-9093668-5848
Aunty Lou’s Nursery28 New Road HousingLouise Chapman465-5599
Aunty May’s Nursery ConareeGeraldine Browne465-1855765-6953
Baptist Academy PreschoolLime KilnMichelle Buncome466-2173667-3167
Bass NurserySt. PetersCassandra Hobson665-6374
Blessings Day CareBeacon HeightsTishani Toussaint663-1093
Bradshaw’s Child Care CentreDorsetCynthia Browne668-5239
Bright Sparks NurseryHorsford RoadPatricia Belle660 - 4287
Caines PreschoolCayonErcille/Colene Caines664-7266(C)661-5776
Cherry Blossom NurserySt. PetersCassandra Hobson
Clayanna’s Learning CentreWest Central StreetDeborah Rogers669-7997
Cradles NurseryDorsetBeverly Ible-Frederick664-2327
Darkie’s NurseryLime Kiln ProjectShirlene Archibald466-2137665-6200
Dawn’s Nursery Taylor’s East Dev.Dawn Prentice662-7175
Derryjoyce Nursery CayonDerryjoyce Stephen465-5311
Diligent Hands Child Care CentreFortlandsAbike & Clairmon Joseph765-6718
Donna’s NurseryThe Glen, St Peter’sDonna Thomas465-3419
Eden Learning AcademyDr. Lake DriveAva Mckoy664-9364
Eve’s Baby CareBuckley’s EstateYvette Maynard465-4650665-6540
Good Start For Tots NurseryLodge ProjectElizabeth Woodley662-6591
Half Way Tree PreschoolSandy PointOctavia Brookes 665-3924
Happy Trails PreschoolLozack RoadNatasha Adams-Philip763-1287663-3015
Heart to Heart PreschoolSandy PointKerrie Hart-Greene760-1021668-4830
Holy Spirit PreschoolMolineuxSr Edel Deong466-4676765-5441
House of Love Buckleys Ext.Saskia Henry663-7977
J & N Nursery Green Tree Housing Pro.Patricia Harvey667—3582
Joya’s NurseryNew RoadJoya Browne664 – 2391
Ju Ju Magic Land NurseryPond’s ExtensionSarah/Junille Allen466-7147665-7361
K C Jones Baptist PreschoolBourryeauSandra Sharry465-7230667-1604
KeBabies Child Development CentreBird Rock RoadKeimone Archibald662-2962
Keisha’s Kuddles NurseryConaree VillageKeisha Hobson663-5732
Kick Start Brilliance PreschoolLime KilnTashiba Clarke766-8755
Kings and Queens NurseryBladen Housing Dev.Jodine Peets663-3182
Kuddles NurseryPond’s ExtensionSylvia Duporte465-8370664-7581
Leonie’s Nursery Middle IslandLeonie Lewis669-1328
Lighthouse Baptist Day CareSandy PointAlthea Saunders/Michelle Stevens465-2629664-3351
Lil’ Hugz & Kisses NurseryBird RockMichele Richards767-1000762-1555
Little Angel’s Day CareBuckley’s EstateDelacey Jacobs764 - 5340
Little Learners Academy (Preschool)New Pond SiteGsbrielle Williams767-3840
Little Stars NurseryOld RoadDiane Webster- Powell664-8817
Little Sunshine NurseryPine GardensSandra Vanterpool660-4911
Louisa Grant PreschoolConaree VillagePaulette Phillip465-5217662-4160
Love Centre Saddlers VillageOrvis Mills466-9039664-6727
Montessori Children’s SchoolFortlands Mala Weston466-4540762-0100
Nana's HouseSt. PetersFernella Williams665-7576
Potters Touch PreschoolLime KilnAusha Cornelius664-2164 (A)
Precious Gems PreschoolParray Housing, St PetersGemmy Fraser465-1115
Rainbow NurserySandy PointYvette Francis665-9722
Ray of Hope PreschoolNeedsmust EstateLeroy Matthew/Gillian Jeffers465-0727664-6211
Ross PreparatoryCampsMichelle Phillip764-5160
Salvation Army PreschoolCayon StreetMajor Marjorie Campbell465-2106
Shaw’s Lil’ Blessings Nursery13 Freeman’s VillageVaneita Shaw466-8048669-3273
Shining Stars NurseryBuckley’s EstateClaudette Thompson664-0413661-4893
St Johnston PreparatoryCardin AvenueElsie Mills465-5437663-2799
Storrod's NurseryPond's PastureFredrica Storrod465-3649663-5042
Teeny Toes Nursery Sandy PointLeslene Demming669-3489
3 J's Stepping Stone Sebastian StreetDeloris Warner661-5909
Total Care Day CareBoyd’s ExtensionRupertha Dias663-2245
Unique Gems NurseryVerchilds VillageVerlyn Phipps667-0807/ 663-2716
Vera’s Day CareCayonVera Pemberton465-3451669-7511
Water Fall Nursery Spooner’s, CayonErnie Liburd760-7206767-9764
Wings of Love PreschoolDorset VillageRosita Browne465-3050665-3962
Zenny’s Nursery Tucket StreetZenora Gilbert465-7413
InstituteHeadPhone #Fax #Telephone NumberEmail Address
Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC)465-2856
465-82791 (869) 465 2856
Division of Teacher EducationMrs. Joycelyn Pennyfeather465-2856465-82791 (869) 465
Division of Technical & Vocational InstitutionMr. Abraham Andrew465-20901 (869) 465
Advanced Vocational Education Centre (AVEC)Mr. Winslow
National Skills Training Programme (NSTP)Mrs. June
School FarmMr. Lindbergh
University of the West Indies (UWI)Mrs. Sarah Owens465-2190465- 21901 (869)
Charles Halbert Public LibraryMs. Petrine
School Meals KitchenMr. Leon
St. Kitts Spectrum Services CentreMrs. Josephine Claxton- Richardson465