Language Arts Enhanced Curriculum Workshop


Basseterre: St. Kitts, January 21, 2021: Teachers from various primary schools in St. Kitts engaged in an interactive workshop aimed at examining the Language Arts Enhanced Curriculum that is currently undergoing technical review.

Mrs. Amanda Edmead (Ag) Director of the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU), explained, that the Language Arts Workshop is part of a series of workshops that teachers will participate in during coming months. She added that the purpose of the Language Arts Workshop was to examine the curriculum and discuss ways it could be improved to facilitate ease of use amongst educators by fostering keen understanding of the expectations. Mrs. Edmead added, that the guidance teachers received during the workshop on how to prepare an inclusive lesson plan will aid in “student-centred instructions which will make our students much more literate citizens”.

Throughout the workshop teachers enthusiastically shared their experiences regarding the use of the Language Arts Curriculum during the first term of the 2020-2021 academic year. The Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) was lauded for its foresight in providing coaches who gave support to teachers so as to minimise challenges that may have arisen during use.

One teacher expressed how timely the technical review of the Language Arts Enhanced Curriculum was, as it caters more to the needs of the child, and provides opportunities for integrated learning across subject areas such as Social Studies and Science. The integrated learning opportunities across the curriculums will contribute significantly to student success.

When asked about the aims of the workshop, Mrs. Jacquelyn Lewis-Bassue, Reading Coordinator at the CDU, who facilitated the session, explained that “the session sought to clarify quite a number of misconceptions…that the teachers would have had with the introduction of the new Enhanced Language Arts Curriculum”.

The Ministry of Education and the Curriculum Development Unit is committed to strengthening the Curriculum and Assessment Framework to support student success and their overall wellbeing.

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