Basseterre High School Host Staff Professional Development day on 1st March, 2021

The Basseterre High School hosted its Staff Professional Development day on Monday 1st March, 2021 under the theme ‘Adopting effective teaching strategies to meet the demands of a changed learning environment’.

The event held at the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions’ CUNA Conference Center was divided into two sessions. The first session which was facilitated by Education Officer Roger Woodley, focused on Formative Assessment. Mr Woodley and the staff engaged in conversations on the importance of formative assessments and ways to improve assessment methods used to acquire feedback from students after lessons were taught. Some methods introduced and discussed were Jigsaw, Exit slips, Think pair/peer share, Thumps up and Four Corners. Teachers demonstrated their understanding of the assessment methods by making five minute group presentations. After the session, teachers explained that were intrigued by the methods discussed and that they would be adopting some of them.

The second session was facilitated by Education Planner, Mr. Quinton Morton. This session was used to further discuss remote learning. Mr Morton’s presentation which was titled ‘MsTeams Functionalities (review & updates)’ provided important information on the online learning platform. Teachers were further exposed to the different apps, both on MsTeams and external, that could be used to enhance the teaching-learning process. Mr. Morton encouraged the teachers to continue using and exploring the platform as it a vital tool for the way forward.

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