Basseterre: St. Kitts, March 2, 2021: Teachers from Estridge, Edgar T Morris and the Saddlers Primary Schools participated in a joint Staff Professional Development Day session, on Monday March 01. The session held at Windsor University School of Medicine (Cayon Campus), was conducted under the theme “Sharpening Competencies while Exercising Resilience”.

According to Dale Phipps, Principal at the Edgar T Morris Primary School, education is constantly changing and there is a need for teachers to keep abreast of what is happening so as to better assist students in their academic success.

Teachers were exposed to the effective ways of using Balanced Assessment used within the classrooms. Additionally, teachers received training on how to use Microsoft (MS) Teams effectively to administer remote learning the event of any unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19.

Principal of the Saddlers Primary School Mrs Kira Mason-Rawlins, speaking on behalf of the other Principals said “We have decided to engage our teachers in meaningful discussions and gaining knowledge on formative assessment and we will also do a session on MS Teams.”

Mrs. Mason-Rawlins, further stated “schools are fast changing.”

“Education has drastically changed because of some outside factors… thus we are here to equip our teachers to expertly navigate through difficult times. After today’s delivery, Education in our classrooms will not be monumentally ineffective, we will have to adapt and instead of giving our students cut flowers, we will teach them to grow their own plants” she added.

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