Principals agreed that the Computer Labs will be beneficial to their Students

Basseterre: St. Kitts, March 15, 2021: Principals from the Edgar T. Morris, Estridge, Violet Petty, Sandy Point and the Newton Ground Primary Schools expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) on March 12, for their kind donation of a computer lab. Each school received a fully furnished and functional computer room during the handing over ceremony which was held on the above school grounds respectively.

Ms. Kathual Bergan, Principal of the Violet Petty Primary School noted that the information technology lab will help to transform students learning as teaching will be enhanced and diversified to cater to the varying learning styles of students.

“We are now living in a technological era and thus we have to keep abreast with the ever-changing teaching methodologies. No longer can we teach like our elementary school teachers taught us thirty years ago. Now, we are more cognizant of the fact that students have varying learning styles, thus as teachers we have to cater for such, if we are to meet all of their educational needs,” she said.

Ms. Bergan also noted that teachers, “can maintain their [students] interest by utilizing technology to provide such learning as they will be able to view more stimulating images and listen to different maybe more captivating voices that will bring more life to their lessons hence enhancing their learning.”

The Principal of the Newton Ground Primary School, Mrs. Michelle Rochester-Woodley, stated that the handing over of the computer lab to her school is a dream realized.

“Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our Educational System was designed to teach…having this functional computer lab will afford our students the ability to keep abreast of the fast pace digital global society that we are living in, ‘she said.

Ms. Mercia Dore, Principal of the Estridge Primary school expressed that receiving the computer lab will enable teachers within her school to teach the students more effectively.

“You our students can now benefit greatly from our friend’s [RUSVM] gift whether it involves researching information, playing educational games or educating you on how to use the MS Teams platforms”, she said.

Principal of the Sandy Point Primary School, Mrs. Sacher Warner- Leader noted that in today’s global society it is essential for individuals to have adequate skills in Information Communication Technology.

She said, “we are aware that computer literacy is an essential tool for learning enhancement and an enabler to gain access to various opportunities in today’s world. The computer lab will play an important part in addressing many of the challenges our students face today.”

Mrs. Warner-Leader, further stated that “information technology has opened up a variety of possibilities for learning, learners will be able to work with an assortment of resources…putting together information strands to construct meaningful knowledge about a subject.”  

The handing over of the new computer labs to the various primary schools’ cement the commitment of the Ministry of Education in ensuring that no child is left behind as they strengthen the quality and relevance of education   within our Federation.

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