Basseterre: St. Kitts, Wednesday, October 19, 2022: The Ministry of Education marked the start of its annual In-service Training Programme with an opening ceremony on Tuesday, October 18 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic School Auditorium. The activity launched the weekly In-service Training sessions for the 20222-2023 academic year.

Chief Education Officer Mr. Francil Morris in his address to the new teachers informed on the benefits to be derived from the In-service Training sessions,

“The In-service Training therefore provides a catalyst for you as teachers to ensure that you can effectively execute your duties within your classrooms. Therefore, this opportunity for professional development is one way of supporting you with the necessary skills to meet the current needs that would ignite the learning process for both you the teacher and the student. In addition, the sessions during the training will also provide you with the latest information, methods and techniques of education thus providing the way for your professional growth. This In-service Training Program also helps you as the educator to refresh your knowledge and to broaden the information shared during the 2022 pre-service training to ensure a better delivery of learning outcomes”

Extending well wishes to the new cohort of teachers Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley articulated the Ministry’s commitment to teacher empowerment and professionalization,

“The Ministry of Education understands the importance of continuous professional development. This is clearly outlined in our Career Pathway and Continuing Professional Development Framework for Teaching Professions of St. Kitts and Nevis. It highlights the needs for teachers to be lifelong learners and utilize continuing professional development to able meet the needs of the ever evolving classroom and the constantly changing students’ needs. A coherent system of career long teacher professional learning therefore supports teachers towards both self and school improvement. “Thus as a ministry we are quite passionate and committed to teachers’ empowerment and professional developments as you [teachers] play a pivotal role in educating and advancing our future generation.”

The Deputy Prime Minister Hanley reminded teachers that the In-service program “is not a mere coincidence. It is a carefully planned programme specifically designed to support and professionally develop our new teachers,” he stated.

Using his personal experiences as a student, the Minister of Education provided a word of

encouragement and cautioned on the impact of words one may choose to utter

“No matter how difficult your journey may come, great shall be your reward. The time you’re spending on shaping our lives, years from now you are going to get your blessings. Be careful however of what you say to your students; words are powerful! They are uplifting and they’re also sharp like a knife ripping through your bodies. Say good things about your students even when force you to want to say ‘not so good things’. We have an opportunity as teachers to change the world and I wish you well,” expressed Minister Hanley.

The In-service Training sessions will become a staple in the lives of these teachers throughout their first year of teaching. The teachers were then encouraged to take full advantage of these sessions.

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