Basseterre: St. Kitts, Monday, February 05, 2024:​ In an address to celebrate National School Counselling’ Week 2024, Minister with responsibility for Education, Honourable Dr. Geoffrey Hanley on Sunday February 04 extolled commendations to school counsellors for their indispensable contribution.

Acknowledging the work done Minister Hanley conveyed, “Throughout the years, School Counsellors work consistently to provide safety net programmes which ensure the holistic development of our students. They establish robust student-focused programmes that empower our youth and help them to overcome life’s challenges. They spend multiple hours engaging and inspiring our youth who are often faced with difficult situations and seemingly unsurmountable challenges. In effect, they encourage our children to reach for their dreams despite the socioeconomic limitations of their current circumstances. They advocate for our children, collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure that our youth receive the necessary support. School Counsellors employ a student-focused approach by utilizing standards, counselling strategies that are tailored to meet the individual needs of students.”

“Our School Counsellors have innovatively crafted programs that help our students to address their personal, social, academic, and career needs. Avenues such as individual and group counselling, guidance lessons, mentorship initiatives, academic and career development services, workshops, and volunteer programs are utilized to facilitate our students’ growth. They also provide preventive, interventive, and supportive services to students, parents, teachers, and the communities they serve. In effect, they are instrumental in fostering a positive and student-focused learning environment,” elucidated Minister Hanley. Honouring the school counsellors, Minister Hanley uttered, “On behalf of the Ministry of Education, I express our heartfelt appreciation to all our School Counsellors. Thank you, for your

unwavering commitment, and for providing a nurturing space for our students to flourish. May this week be a celebration of their hard work, a recognition of their accomplishments, and a reminder of the lasting impact School Counsellors make on the lives of our students.”

National School Counselling Week will be celebrated under the theme Standards – Based, Student Focused” from Sunday February 04 – Friday February 09.

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