Basseterre, St. Kitts, Wednesday April 24, 2024: In a heartfelt tribute to the often-unsung heroes of Education, the Ministry of Education (MOE) celebrated Administrative Professionals Day under the theme “Team Building for a Successful Ministry” on Wednesday, April 24th.

During the celebration held at Carambola Beach Club, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Lisa-Romayne Pistana, expressed gratitude to the administrative staff.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education, we would like to wish our administrative professionals a happy Administrative Professionals Day. They are the core of the ministry and without them we would not function at an optimal level. We do treasure all of the hard work that you do and how you continue to critically support our team. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

Administrative Professionals Day is a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate administrative staff’s contributions. It provides an opportunity for educational institutions and organizations to express gratitude for the hard work, dedication and professionalism shown by these individuals daily.

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