St. Kitts School Feeding Programme


To provide top quality balanced meals that promotes healthy bodies and healthy minds in the students of the nation.
In an effort to create a linkage between nutrition, education initiatives and the feeding program, donations were given by the World Food Program (W.F.P.), (N.G.O.’s) both local and international and the government. Funds were made available for the construction of a central kitchen, acquisition of equipment and utensils for the kitchen and schools, and delivery vans.

School Meals is an initiative initiated in 1982 by the Government of St. Kitts to provide meals for all primary school students and for needy students in the high school. This program has been extended to some private schools in recent times.

The meals are prepared at a central location at the School Meals Centre located at Needmust and distributed to all the schools that are part of the programme. This is done on a daily basis through the efficient use of the ‘school meals busses’. By 11:30 am all meals would have reached there final destinations.

On arrival the kitchen staff employed by the Ministry of Education are responsible for sharing the meals. School use one of two main methods to distribute the meals to students. In some cases the students eat in a central space and in others the students eat in their class rooms. Where the students eat in their classrooms the students from the upper grades volunteer to carry out the meals to each class.

From September 2007, students who are a part of the School Meals Program have been enjoying improved meals and services. As part of the new menu participants are getting a balanced diet of  peas and beans, natural fruit juices, meat varieties, and vegetables.

The new school-feeding programme which was implemented for the new school year ( 2007—2008) will benefit primary and secondary school children and will cost approximately $128,000 per month.

The new school-feeding programme which will be implemented for the new school term will benefit 5250 primary school children and will cost approximately $128,000 per month.

The Director of the School Feeding Programme is Mr. Leon Williams

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Phone: 869-465-8164