First Aid Training

Training in first aid and CPR for children is critical for all child care providers. A child’s life may depend on your knowing what to do in an emergency. As child care provider, one knows that unintentional injuries will happen from time to time. The best way to handle an unintentional injury is to be prepared before it happens. When early childhood practitioners know how to
respond in an emergency, and have the supplies and knowledge they need, they are confident and can respond in an effective and timely manner.

Sixty-five (65) early childhood practitioners (public and private) will be empowered in the process, procedure, practices in administering:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) promptly and effectively.
  • First aid safely, promptly and effectively to a casualty who:
    • is choking
    • is bleeding
    • is in shock
    • suspicion of a fracture
    • suspicion of a spinal injury
    • damage to eyes or ears
    • prevention of poisoning
  • Administering first aid safely, promptly and effectively to an unconscious casualty.
  • Providing appropriate first aid for minor injuries.
  • Reporting accidents in the appropriate manner.
  • Recognize risks in different situations and deciding how to act responsibly, and judging what kind of physical contact is acceptable or unacceptable.


Promoting Professionalism in The Workplace This workshop is organized for 37 Early Childhood Practitioners. Namely: Supervisors, Asst. Supervisors and ECD Resource Teachers. This training is organized to expose and empower supervisors to several supervisory skills that will help to make their leadership style more
effective and professional. Thus, challenging supervisors to become more competent in their
supervisory role to mentor and inspire their staff towards improved performance in the