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Formulating Strategies for Efficiency in the Workplace

A workshop, Formulating Strategies for Efficiency in the Workplace, has been organized for thirty-seven (37) Early Childhood Practitioners and Resource teachers. This topic was selected due to an increase in the number of incidences that are taking place in the Day Care Centers. As a result, there is evidence of much disruption to the smooth flow of the daily operations, specifically in the areas of effective monitoring and supervision of the children and communication among staff. In light of these issues, it is hoped that this workshop will provide a forum for Supervisors to share best practices and formulate solutions to help alleviate such

This training workshop will:

  • provide an opportunity for Supervisors to voice/share their concerns.
  • create an awareness of the problems that are being experienced by staff at different centers.
  • provide opportunities for supervisors to share how these problems were dealt with and suggest more effective ways to dealt with problems.


This intervention will lead to a more conducive setting for children and staff.